They always look so sheepish when asked to justify themselves, but so confident when they thrust their voices into attack. Attacking you. It seems to bring out the warrior inside, as if your very presence in the universe fuels their fire.

Causes their discontent. The anger of the arrogant, blind and reluctant to self diagnose or reflect for fear of what may stare back at them pointing and saying “what about you?”

And who are you, when we think about it? Do we matter as much as matter can in an environment saturated with matter attached to social consciousness. I’m not questioning it so don’t concern yourself about my punctuation, as ever-meaning isn’t important in the singular.

It’s early, and you’re rising and the streets thaw out and start to melt into the newest day, the only day, for there is only the present-and before and after doesn’t exist and never will. So look at the now and let in the start to begin before trying to make sense of the why because a why doesn’t matter if then has been and gone.

You’re only able to matter now.

Matter then and ignore what doesn’t.

They’re sheepish because they realise somewhere that their attacks don’t matter.

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