It’s an easy life, sitting and wandering through theories our minds mix like too many cocktails in the blistering heat. Every 4 wheels pass by in slow motion and the hills seem steeper as the heat rises, but it’s all just an off beat rhythm, something to keep us tapping just out of time.

Where do you go when you grow out of the shadow you once wore? You were never who I wished but I thought it all the same. This light is blinding, migraine inducing only on my right side-the left remains dull, blunted by apathy.

Before we reflect or project, let’s hope and when we hope, let’s do so without any restraint or thought. Just feeling. Anything more is a lie to ourselves.

This tarmac cracks and withers under such a force of constant weight but we can tread gently, afraid of falling when it’s what we expect and sit in wait for. Lights change and any thoughts we have speed away. Are we chasing or leaving them behind?

It’s an easy life. Sitting and wandering.

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