The image always remained unbroken, in the unspoilt perfection of a dream. Finished in gloss, unspoilt and frozen It always stared out at me, framed in wanting, right in sight but so far away from touch. Taunting. A painful reminder of the perils of waiting, waiting until the feeling freezes. Fading. And then all that’s […]

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It was cold beneath my feet, the solid ice throttling my soul and my back became separated from my lungs, leaving me fragmented and detached from myself. There was no way out visible to me as I stared down into the ceramic dome stretching around in front of my forced crease. I was paralysed and […]

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Faith is what happens when you see more than you can believe.

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When did you become so cruel, creeping up, surprising me, haunting me. Tugging me and pushing me, controlling me. Why don’t you compromise, or negotiate? Or even let me in? Why am I nothing to you? You never cease or show me anything to encourage peace. You’re relentless and cruel and punishing. Always there, always […]

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Violence is never the answer. It is the force that exposes the question. Without the destruction that follows chaos. Creation would remain an abandoned hope. Destroy to repair and strengthen, Forgive when you hurt the most. Because there is no truth in redemption, And no sense in hanging on to ghosts.

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When I close my eyes, none of it is there. None of it exists. I can breathe without constriction and be without pressure. There’s nothing clouding me, nothing at my back, just what’s beneath me. Supporting me. Holding me. There’s no fear in the darkness behind my eyes, only peace. The deep infinite personal space, […]

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There’s always some sin that drapes us A shadow that stalks us without being asked It’s brutal, knowing who we are.

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Go to School, go to College Quench your thirst for knowledge Look about and figure out that nothing’s as it’s promised. Join the queue, without a clue Of what to do and how to prosper Direction’s a lie and even worse when it’s lost you. Find out the truth And hit the roof as living […]

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Was before a lie or a different beginning A road avoided or missed? Is the memory a burden, a weight best discarded A shadow escaped and desire dismissed? Would they look any different, if they remained in your gaze Could you tempt yourself to pull yourself through? Would it all disappear, if you clung on […]

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There were cold stairs everywhere. Once, they would have welcomed faithful souls into its generous cradle but now they stood defeated and bitter, intimidating and wasted-reminding footsteps of the blasphemy they sow. Corridors of memories curled around the heart, suffocating the lungs like a dormant, vengeful octopus, refusing to let go of what once was. […]

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